Thursday, January 11, 2007

Michelle Still Suffering for Barack's Rezko Stupidity

From: Stella's Column (Chicago Sun-Times)

"THAT'S CLASS! U.S. Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, were spotted seated in coach for the eight-hour trip back from their Hawaii vacation. This is one smart couple! ... They are on the cover of the February issue of Ebony, hitting newsstands Monday. Michelle's birthday is Wednesday."

We get it. Senator BO is the common man. He loves the little people. Yes, he's got a 1.7 million dollar mansion and two New York Times bestsellers but dammit he will not buy first class plane tickets with what everyone will assume are his ill-gotten Rezko gains.
Understandable. But Jesus. Honolulu International to O'Hare in coach - when you don't absolutely have to? Just take a deep breath Michelle. Air Force One has a looootttttttaaaaa leg room and M&M's with the presidential seal and your name on the box.

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