Thursday, January 11, 2007

Babs and Bill Richardson Make Moves on the Down Low

Well well well. Looks who's quietly building his foreign affairs cred in Sudan while everybody back in the U.S. is fixated on Clinton and Obama. It's New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Just days after taking the oath for another term in office (a very low key affair so it doesn't look too much like he's bailing should he decide to run for 1600) his office says Big Bill even secured a 60-day cease-fire in Darfur.

Meanwhile wifey keeps tooling around in her hybrid Ford Escape to show the greenies the Richardsons are down with their cause. Take that Al Gore. Of course all of these good and presidential deeds are getting buried under mounds of ObamaMcCainClintonGiuliani press.
Announce already you two. Go on. Get you some.

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