Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Biden's In - Meet Wife Jill

Jill Biden is the latest to join the race for America's Next First Lady (after hubby Senator Joe announced he's making a run for 1600 - and managed to ignite a nasty Obama-versy at the same time). No photos on the senator's official website of madame Biden that I can point you too - so this will have to do. It is Jill's "four buttoned pink suit" that was up for auction on ebay.
Mrs. B. was probably trying to get rid of this frumpiness to make room for more tight leather pants and low cut blouses with which to seduce and frighten visiting Iranians.

Pro: She's an unknown outside the beltway - no baggage.
Con: That whole Iranian thing is the first thing that pops up upon "the google" when you search "jill biden".
Tip: Do more to publicize your Biden Breast Health Initiative.

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