Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christie Vilsack Spins Her Web

Watch and learn from a master ladies. Self-described spider Christie Vilsack has already snagged Ken Fuson at the Des Moines Register. This article is 2,500 words of goodness and light. Christie loves the kids, Christie is a champion for literacy, Christie is Iowa's best First Lady in 50 years. But the most telling thing about her skills is this little vignette about her recent pilgrimage to political holy ground:

"I think she is just a splendid person," says New Hampshire state Rep. Jim Ryan. He said Vilsack sent books to his three daughters after she met them, and he expects New Hampshire voters to like her as much as his children now do."

Uh-huh. Jim Ryan is on the come-up in New Hampshire...he's the newly minted chairman of the state house's transportation committee even though he's served just one term. And now the children of a man with growing influence in primary central just love the Vilsacks who just happen to making their long shot run for president.

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