Monday, January 15, 2007


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While all the other First Lady wannabes bring their own assets to the race, NOT ONE of them brings what Big Willie brings. And the Clintons are counting on the political machine they spent decades building to work just as hard and successfully for Hill as it did for Bill.
Christie Vilsack, you think you were good in New Hampshire last year?
Well, more than a decade earlier Hillary was there learning the lay of the land and making some very industrious friends.

'Nancy Richards-Stower, a New Hampshire attorney, said she'll work just as hard for Sen. Clinton as she did for Clinton's husband.
Richards-Stower recalled her first meeting with Mrs. Clinton at a restaurant where her husband was making his first campaign appearance in New Hampshire. As they climbed a staircase, Mrs. Clinton mentioned how eager she was to campaign for her husband.
"Mrs. Clinton, forgive me, but you've not done a New Hampshire campaign before," Richards-Stower told her. "The people you need to get aboard the campaign are going to want to spend time with your husband, not you."
Clinton responded by pinching a sizable section of her own hand.
"Nancy, my skin is this thick," she said. "If you think that I shouldn't do an event, I'd like you to tell me."
"Of course, the very first event she did was a sellout crowd," Richards-Stower said, laughing at how much she underestimated the wife who would like to become the nation's first female president.'

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