Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coincidence? Martha Wash Thinks Not!

The New Zealand Herald jacks the swagger of America's Next First Lady with its article
"Never mind the candidates, they're off in the race for first spouse."

No really. See?

But ok. Let's see what mister Paul Harris has to say on...

"Michelle Robinson Obama, the wife of Barack Obama. Just as her handsome and youthful husband has created excitement among the political establishment, so his glamorous wife has caused a stir among fashionistas and glossy magazines."

and on Teresa Heinz Kerry...

"A less happy reminder of the Democrats' 2004 campaign is the spouse of candidate John Kerry, who is still considering a run in 2008. His billionaire wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was a controversial figure in 2004 because of her outspokeness and public gaffes."

oh and on Elizabeth Kucinich and "Ann" Vilsack...

"One is an English-born statuesque redhead, Elizabeth Harper, wife of Dennis Kucinich, another a highly successful banker and Blockbuster board member, Jackie Clegg, wife of Chris Dodd, while yet another is a former newspaper columnist, Tom Vilsack's wife Ann. All in all, the field of candidates is one of the most unusual in history."

Yawn. Men.
Oh and by the way Peter...Mrs. Vilsack's first name is CHRISTIE.

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