Monday, December 18, 2006

Bayh Susan, Hello Elizabeth Kucinich

Ok - Last week we had to say buh-Bayh to Susan - so one potential First Lady is out... but a new one is in!

Meet Elizabeth Kucinich bride of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) Ohio

In the midst of the cacophony that was the re-hashing of the Obama visit to New Hampshire - a little announcement got lost.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich is running for president...again.
No hemming and hawing. No exploratory committee. He's in godammit. And that means his wife Elizabeth is too - and from what I've seen so far she's ADORABLE. Good asset Denny. Just click the arrow below to look at the way she strode in with him for his announcement, not at all self-conscious about towering over her elfin hubby (been there).

The Jackie-in-Dallas pink jacket was a plus and she seemed very not freaked out in the spotlight.
Plus, she's got a little substance to go with her style. Watch the England-native talk about her travels around the world to work with the poor. Okay it's a tad Soon Yi that she's 28 years-old ...THREE DECADES younger than Kucinich. That even beats the age-canyon between the Mccains...but young lungs means Lil' bet won't run out of breath in her very uphill race to be America's Next First Lady.

Pro: Bight-eyed and bushy-tailed, with slight air of detachment. Fabulous.
Con: Got a whole lot of Rapunzelocity going on, too much for Washington.
Tip: Get thee to the Okyo Salon in Foggy Bottom stat for a trim, doesn't have to be a cut cut, but jesus.

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