Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Michelle Obama's Money

Remember all that initial reporting on the reluctance of Senator BO's wife to jump into the campaign? Well that's because she knows once she and Barack are in in reporters are going to follow the money - and all her business is gonna be in the middle of Michigan Ave.
Some people are already taking a fine-toothed comb to the Obama family books. Tom Beven of Real Clear Politics writes:

"Obama's wife, Michelle, earns $45K a year sitting on the corporate board of Treehouse (formerly Dean) Foods, whose biggest customer is - you guessed it - Wal-Mart. Not to mention that Treehouse appears to have a bit of an executive compensation issue."

AW-KWARD. Seeing how Bahm Bahm recently lashed out against Wally-World for its sweat-shopiness.

And on top of the 45k, of course Sheh-shell gets another 300k or so a year for being an external affairs v.p. for the University of Chicago Hospital - that's three times as much money as she was making just two years ago... before hubby landed himself a seat in the U.S. senate. And it's enough money to really piss off a few folks in Chicago.

Tip: Study Hillary Clinton's responses and demeanor during her Whitewater/Rose Law Firm tribulations. Hopefully you've got some bad investments somewhere to show you've lost money "like every body else."

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