Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An Obama Family Holiday

Everything about this picture is right. A study in how to properly mold poli-iconograpy.
It is chiaroscuric perfection.
His ying. Her yang.
His exuberance. Her everybody calm the f!@# down-ness.
Voters love balance.
Her simple no-nonsense tee is balanced by the feminine florality of the skirt. Man-ish on top but all woman on the bottom.
It's unstuffy and modern but also has all the sepia-toned implications of a happier, nuclear family-er era.
Did I mention voters love balance?
To top it off, not only is Michelle's dark shirt slimming (those 4:30 a.m. workouts have really paid off) but as the starkest, darkest part of the pic it is also the focal point. It puts her visually/symbolically at the center of the Obama-verse.
Naturally she has the most contained smile. She's pleased...but not blissed-out. The others can have all the closed-eye'd fun. Hers are wide open - because she has to run this show.
Michelle may take second billing on the card's signature - but this photo and this campagin-in-the-making are all about the woman who could be America's Next First Lady.

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