Friday, December 01, 2006

Cindy McCain pulls a Lady Di on Land Mines

Cin-Cin is doin' a Diana and going to Cambodia to call attention to land mines.
The move bolsters her and therefore John's international standing, reminds the electorate that - unlike so many other candidates that shall remain nameless - her husband actually did serve in the Viet Nam war... and puts her in a different league than those other first-lady wanabees who can only seem to attach themselves to projects like helping American kids (yawn) read.
Way to lay the groundwork for the inevitable princess comparisons.
Both blond and pretty. Diana was addicted to making herself vomit. Cindy was addicted to getting high. Both mitigated damage from scandal with sympathy inducing vulnerability and killer clothes. Genius.

Tip: Orchestrate a fabulous Di-like photo-op with you walking around in a giant face mask to protect you from shrapnel in a field that has already been swept. Also, milk your thinness by appearing in a pair of snug khaki "I'm out actually doin' stuff pants" a la Diana. And yes, I've got to say it, a Diana haircut would work oh so nicely too.


Anonymous said...

She visited a REAL, working minefield in NW Cambodia. HALO is removing 2000-3000 mines there a month.

donL said...

Visiting a site is fine. But the Mcains should go beyond a photo-generating trip and come out without reservation in favor of the US acenssion to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty) which, sadly, the US has not signed yet. 3/4 of the world HAS embraced this international law which bans the use, production, trade, and stockpiling of these indescriminate weapons of terror. Mr. McCain, if you are indeed an 'anti-terror' candidate, than support US joining the Ottawa Treaty. All the trips in the world to Cambodia, Laos, Angola, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania, ..and any of the other dozens of countries still dangerously effected by landmines won't mean squat beyond a publicity stunt, until and unless the world's governments' ALL embrace the ban. Most already have, and we need US leadership here...for a change. Kudos to Mrs McCain, but, in reality, it's a dog and pony show unless her hubbie acts on the treaty.

Don Lieber
Researcher, International Campaign to Ban Landmines (former)