Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Sister Factor: Obama's Black Chick Bounce

More reasons for Bill and Hill to worry about team Obama.
From the Dec. 25th 2006 issue of Newsweek:

" Another African-American woman in Congress, who asked not to be identified for fear of offending the Clintons, says, "If her (Hillary Clinton's) base is black women, it vanishes down to zero" if Obama gets in. The fact that Obama is married to an African-American woman (Michelle Obama, a vice president of the University of Chicago Hospitals) is critically important to this constituency."

And what else do we know about this constituency? High-profile Democratic strategist and usually dead-on all around political guru Donna Brazile (more on this First Lady of her field later...) said in Essence magazine that black women are:

the most loyal and consistent voters in American politics. Without us, there would be no Senator... Hillary Clinton of New York."

And now it can be extrapolated that without them perhaps there will be no President Hillary Clinton of the United States.
The Bill/Hill picture gets even bleaker when you throw in an Obama endorsement from Queen Oprah. Once the big "O" speaks, Hillary can kiss at least 14 million crucial votes good-bye. That sum is the number of African American women who will "vote Michelle", plus their menfolk's ballots - which you can bet will also be marked for Obama...or else.

And who says the race isn't about America's Next First Lady?

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