Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pope Shows First Ladies How It's Done

Take note ladies. THIS is how you make an ahn-trahnce. Pope Benedict XVI, who serves as his own First Lady, mesmerizes in a winter white Armani-inspired if not designed double breasted coat, matching beanie, and his trademark Prada shoes. The pope disembarked from Air Pope One in Turkey this week - a country with its fair share of people who want to kill him for saying Islam is violent. What saved him? His too-fabulous-to-assasinate sense of style. They may hate his guts, but they love good tailoring. Even the Turkish media were enthralled.
Esteemed firstladyologist Lisbeth Baldrige says "It's First Lady 101. When your spouse is being trashed for some bonehead can always divert attention away from the odd racist rant or shady land deal with a kick-ass ensemble and perfect accessories."

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