Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christie Vilsack Hits the Bricks

Cristie's making moves on her own. Bonus. The wife of the first Democrat with the huevos to say uneqivocaly that he's running in 2008 made her very own spouse-less trip to all important New Hampshire this week. Reporter Thomas Beaumont, who is tracking the long shot campaign, writes that one NH state Rep. said:

"I must note that (Iowa) Governor Vilsack's campaign will truly benefit from his wife's willingness to hit the trail for him"

And don't worry Christie. Yes, the Daily Show is making a national joke out of your name, but Jon Stewart also routinely feels guilty for cheap shots and will eventually invite your husband on for a guest appearance. If Tommy aces that...that's a good 5 point bump right there.

Yep Chrissy, glad you're taking charge (unlike some first lady wannabes who shall remain nameless Libby.)
You get 10 extra points for substance this week.
Now let's talk about style...

Christie Vilsack Takes her own trip through N.H. (Des Moines Register)

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