Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's Offical: Vilsack in race for East Wing

Wife of Tom Vilsack Outgoing Governor (D) Iowa.

In a move that has already pissed some off, Christie Vilsack and her husband are saying ufckkit - nobody knows who the hell we are and were going to need the whole two years if we're gonna even try to do this.
Christie "The Tarantula" Vilsek wants to catch unsuspecting voters in her web, force them to vote Vilsack, then wrap their bodies up so she can snack on them later.
Other than that - seems like a super lady.

Pro: Has pushed to raise literacy rates in Iowa.
Con: Who?
Tip: Absolutely. Under no circumstances. Are you to go back to Supercuts.

Iowa's Gov. Vilsack Running for President
(Washington Post)

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