Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New First Lady in the Hizzle

It's a First Lady first.
A ish-load of Republican midterm election losses has ushered in a new era in American politics. Congress gets its first female Speaker of the House. That makes Nancy Pelosi the First Lady of Congress and this, of course, necessitates periodic style and substance checks by eastwinger.

Seems Nancy-nan is partial to the single-breasted peaked-lapel pant suits avec conversation-piece necklaces.(neck wear is no doubt all hand-hewn from bio-degradable materials by Bay Area artisans) In fact, she's so partial to the look, she's worn the exact same suit (in different colors) for about the last ten years.
Nothing says I'm too busy and serious to think about something as trivial as fashion like a closet full of identical, perfectly tailored, perfectly hued, perfectly accessorized suits - topped by a perfectly layered coif and perfectly subtle make-up. Work it Madame Speaker-to-be.
As for Substance? Change? New ideas? Bi-partisan cooperation?
Show me whuh cha got little mama, show me whuh cha got purlady...Hands up and wave, and wave, and wave...

"Muted Tones Of Quiet Authority: A Look Suited To the Speaker"
(Wash. Post)

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