Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lizzy's As Good As In


Wife of super-rich former trial lawyer and 2004 candidate for vice president John Edwards. (D) North Carolina.
Hubby just showed a little skin on the Daily Show and told everybody to keep an eye on his website www.johnedwards.com for an upcoming announcement. He talked community building. He talked minimum wage.
Plus he's teaming up with possible opponent/possible running mate Barack Obama to give the evil-da's at Wal-mart a public smackdown tomorrow. Yep. He's making another run for 16-hun.
Li-Li wasn't included in the original grouping of front-runners (D) because I deferred to the opinion of a renown Firstladyologist - that they were politically dead. The Edwards's still may not win- but they're gettin' in the game...which means Mrs. E has got to get her game face on.

Pro: Went through the vetting process last go round and only everyday everybody skeletons came out of closet. Plus, she kicked cancer's ass.
Con: Voters have short memories. Where you been?
Tip: People loved the chubby realness of your 2004 style. Stick with it.

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