Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PETA Soaks Barack Obama's Wife in Human Blood

Okay not really. But don't think they won't. Listen to me Sheh-shell. Get rid of the mink. Quick, fast, and in a hurry. I know you live in cold-ass Chicago. I know the family just had its first good year($1.7 mil. to be exact) . So you were probably just getting your splurge on after BO signed his book deal. (shoulda stopped there instead of going on the mansion hunt that landed him in his first scandalette...but I digress). PETA does not play and said coat is not worth the huge political damage you will no doubt incur when pictures of you getting PETA-pied are splashed all over YouTube.
And, even if you escape the animal rights jihadis - voters in Arkansas will give you the cold shoulder if they hear you've been flaunting your fabulous fur.

Tip: Learn from a master. Check paragraph 24 of Nixon's "Checkers" speech.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, who'da thought George W could claim the moral high ground with his "kinder, gentler" and the Republicans with Nixon's "good old cloth coat." Yes, Ms. B, please ditch the skins and if you can't think of a political reason to do so (!), watch the Martha Stewart video of what happens to our animal friends on the PETA Website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing this topic! How stupid of her, and of him as well.

Johanna said...

The wearing of fur coats is a non-issue except to jealous, radical cranks who despise all symbols of success and beauty, clueless kids who believe that "Bambi" portrays nature as it is, or members of the "animal rights" cult. Michele Obama should keep her fur coat as an indication that she can think for herself instead of following the herd for a stupid cause which is seen as "hip" and "trendy" by mush-brained or has-been celebrities hungry for publicity. If these "compassion"-less misanthropic fascists from PETA or any AR cult demanded that I ditch my furs they would be IGNORED, and any of their written communication would either be REFUSED or deleted. I hope that Michelle Obama will do the same. Someone also needs to tell these AR crazies we live in a pluralistic world in which they can be rightfully and wisely REJECTED. I'm far more concerned about dead humans than dead animals.