Thursday, November 16, 2006

High Jump Then Side Step

Way to work your home court advantage Michelle. Good hustle. The Chicago Defender was raving about your performance at a recent luncheon for "High Jump" an organization that serves limited income kids. You nailed your up by your bootstraps/humble beginnings/I'm one of you speech (presumably while NOT wearing your mink). But goddammit Barack should buy you another friggin' fur for mitigating even a little of the damage done by the bone-headed deal with Rezko. The scandelette simmered in Chicago for a while, but NPR picked up on the ticking time bomb this morning and that's naaaaahhhhhtttt good. BO's gonna have to explain this one for the next two years. I know you couldn't have possibly signed off on that deal before hand. It's just too stupid. But now it's your problem, so under no circumstances are you to allow Bahm-Bahm to make any more "agreements". 'Kay? Thanks.

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