Wednesday, November 15, 2006

John McCain Wants to Continue Conversation With America

Translation: exploratory committee time. That means you've got to be extra vigilant Cindy. Years in presidential politics are like dog years. When John ran in 2000 he still had energy and sense. Now, 42 years later, he's lost his crackle and pop. Still he's got a damn good shot at the G-O-P nomination if he doesn't say or do something batty, and it's your job as daughter-wife to make sure he doesn't. I know, I know...the hell that is national politics has taken its toll on your health too. But hey, you used to be a cheerleader - suck it up, smile, pop a lotrel and start back-flipping your way toward the East Wing.
Oh, and your game face has always been good - but tip: go back to shorter-do. Much, much better.

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