Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elizabeth Edwards' Blog Flap

Archpundit has quite the little bru-ha-ha going on over Elizabeth Edwards and her role in her husband's yet to be announced presidential campaign. In an assessment of the chances of various potential candidates the original post said of John Edwards:

"The final problem is one not talked about very often. Elizabeth Edwards is a person you love and pledge your undying loyalty to, or she’s a pain in the ass who is petty, vindictive, and overly demanding. She’s driven away many a consultant from one who was quoted explaining why Senators weren’t supporting Edwards–there was no criticism–just a description of what Senators thought, to Steve Jarding and Mudcat Saunders to David Axelrod... Campaigns cannot be run when the entire staff has to answer to someone outside the traditional hierarchy. It creates fear and people tend to avoid taking risks."

Long story short... Lizzy (or at least one of her friends pretending to be Lizzy) nipped some blosgosphere bullsh@! in the bud. And with a well-worded reply had Archpundit apologizing.

Let this be a lesson ladies. Cyber-space counter attacks work. And you don't have to be in hair and make-up to launch them.

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