Monday, December 11, 2006

Obama Fence Fatigue Shows in New Hampshire

Well here's some more unsolicited but desperately needed advice Michelle. I know you've got your hands full running the non-campagin - but you've GOT to take a minute and make him EAT. Methinks the strain is already showing on Senator BO.He arrived in New Hampshire looking very gaunt. So gaunt in fact that his sports coat "hytched-up" in the back as my grandmother used to say. He appears to be a naturally thin guy - but if he's looking skinny even with the camera's extra ten pounds - you've got to chill him out and make him eat. Voters don't want a boney president. Seems very basic and boring I know with everything else you have to handle - I mean, a grown man should feed himself right? But this is not about him. It's about you and reigning supreme in the East Wing.
Also, I know it's a whirlwindy time - but he's gotta sleep a bit too.
His speech in New Hampshire hit on his usual points...
  • need for better health care
  • need for oil alternatives
  • need for more money for education
  • need for more ethics in politics
  • need for change in Iraq
  • and of course included the staples -a funny name/people called me Alabama and yo mama (he needs to switch that up at this point)...women are smarter than men/my wife smarter than me...and our problems are American problems not republican or democratic problems.
It was enthusiastically received but his energy level seemed relatively low - like he's stretched awfully thin (no pun intended). He picked up steam by the end of the speech. But the mandatory preamble where he has to thank everybody and their grandmother in New Hampshire took too much time and he seemed a bit bleary-eyed and unfocused. No it wasn't a live speech broadcast around the world during prime time...but don't let that fool you, or him. The people with the power to manipulate public opinion watched every word via AP feed as it happened.

Bottom line is that this was way too important a speech for it not to be damn near as on point and inspiring as his career-making spellbinder in 2004. Make sure he wears a better suit, eats, sleeps, and kicks it up a notch for Iowa. 'kay? Thanks.

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