Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Pataki, Bad Pataki

Yes, George put on a very good I'm-not-sure-I'm-running-for-president-but-here's-my 28-point-plan-for-fixing-Iraq show on CNN. But any traction gained is slowly being eroded by bad stories about you Lib.

The Ithaca Journal's Jay Gallagher wrote:

(New NY Gov.) "Spitzer also said his wife, Silda Wall, won't take any paying job while he is governor. The future First Lady has for a decade run a non-profit organization that helps children volunteer their time and money to help poorer children.

That of course is in stark contrast to the current First Lady, Libby Pataki, who made hundreds of thousands of dollars most years her husband was governor as a consultant to various companies, some of which had ties to wealthy Republicans."

This comes after your "Driving Miss Libby" scandalette and maid-gate.
Tip: Take some of those hundreds of thousands you got and hire a consultant to give you an emergency image makeover.