Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Bill Dilemma; Hurting or Helping Hillary

I wring my hands over this one everyday. Such an absorbing , sad, juicy, potentially dangerous conundrum.
As I said right after mid-terms...Bill Clinton is Hillary's biggest asset and he is Hillary's biggest vulnerability.

Now from the Washington Post:
"From now until Election Day 2008, the national fascination with the Clintons and their marriage will be central to the race. The media-industrial complex will again feed like hungry hounds on the Clintons, their past and future; on the Clintons and their mysteries; on power and politics as the Clinton lifeblood propelling her run against all odds."

So just how should Hillary play her big ol' fat Bill card. His charm alone would get and has gotten her millions of votes. And he's the all time black-belt master of kung fu masters when it comes to fund raising. Flip side - the hoe-dum problem and a bigger problem still... if you give him an inch and he'll take a mile - and end up stealing all her thunder. Dude can't help it.

Again from the Post.
"There's something unbridled about Bill's neediness, this love of the crowd -- like the story about his trip to the World Cup in Berlin this year. En route to the stadium on a bus carrying several aides and donors, Bill told the bus driver to head instead to the Brandenburg Gate, the New Yorker reported. There, hundreds of thousands of soccer fans had gathered to watch a match on giant television screens. Uninvited, the former president mounted the stage where a rock band had been performing, and just stood there waving and thanking the crowd, which responded with roaring cheers."

So here's what you do Bill, make your grand statements - you're liable to do something supremely stupid if you're kept too caged up - just make sure you keep making said statements ONLY on foreign soil. The U.S. is henceforth and forever more Hill Country, and just like when she won reelection to the Senate , you are to stand your ass back behind the curtains and nod a little and barely smile. As with all the best First Ladies your complete control of your spouse, and therefore the presidency, should be completely hidden.

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