Saturday, December 16, 2006


Susan! This is a shocker! You're out already? It's just getting good.
Well, it seems that after all of your hubby's David and Goliath talk - you guys have decided that your slingshots are just no match for the giant political WMDs wielded by Obama, McCain, Clinton, Giuliani, et al. Kudos though for making the announcement on a Saturday smack dab in the middle of the Christmas holiday season. Keeps everything nice and under the radar- just where bail out announcements should be. Espeically since there are so many cyber-rumors swirling about why you guys really got out.
Oh well.
One question for you before you go though... Er um ,what happens to the $10 million you guys stashed for a run? Is that why you're still so perky? Just asking.

Bay Says He Will Not Run for President in 2008 (New York Times)
Obama effect: Goodbye Bayh (Chicago Tribune)
Bayh Out? (Daily Kos)

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Lisa Renee said...

Good questions, thanks for emailing me. I enjoyed reading your site very much and will return.