Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Pelosi Primer on Washington Fashion

The New York Times devotes a whopping 1,400 words to the style and substance (but mostly style) of women in Washington.
As I noted back in November, First Lady of the House - Nancy Pelosi - is Grand Marshall of the D.C. fashion parade.
Now, the NYT:

"On Jan. 9, a Tuesday, she wore an impeccable black and white tweed skirt suit, with strong shoulders and the jacket nipped at the waist; on Wednesday, she draped a red shawl insouciantly around a red suit outside the White House; and on Thursday, she appeared in a mod, deep-blue velvet, slimming pantsuit."

Jesus. The New York Times. Trying to get all high-brow while essentially blogging about clothes.
Fun isn't it?
Yes, Pelosi happened to push through House legislation that upped the minimum wage, and took on the rising cost of Medicare drug prices...but more importantly, she did it while looking like a million bucks...literally. Armani ain't cheap.
I mean Armani isn't cheap.
But it is well worth it for a label that imbues its power-silhouettes with a soupson of insouciant femme-fatality. Bitches.

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