Saturday, January 13, 2007

Michelle Obama in Inner Political Circle, But Not

The Chicago Tribune has a Sunday extravaganza on Senator BO's inner circle.
On wife Michelle's placement:

"Although she is a Harvard-educated lawyer who once worked for Mayor Daley, Michelle Obama doesn't play a day-to-day role in her husband's work, associates say. Instead, says Jarrett, she is the "true north" on his compass.
She says exactly what she thinks, friends say, and when others might tell Obama how to get elected, she reliably advises him not to calculate that way.
"She always asks Barack, `What do you think is the right thing to do?' "said Jarrett.
`Forget about what polls say. Do your homework. After you've done all the due diligence, what's the right thing to do?'

Translation - "don't bother me with the details. You've decided you want to try to be the most powerful man in the world...fine. I'll support you. I'll also speak the unvarnished truth to you because I know you. Know you like none of these hero-worshipers do. I know where all the bodies are buried - and I'll protect you. But I've go two kids to raise. Alone. On the talk shows and on the dais in New Hampshire you give lip service to being here for dinner and putting me and the girls first. But you and I both know - that's not true. Mounting a world-class power chase doesn't allow it. And that's fine. I'm on board because ultimately it could benefit us all. But spare me obsessive strategizing you and your cronies are so fond of. I'm busy."

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