Monday, January 22, 2007

Candidates In, Potenetial First Ladies Left Out

Clinton. Brownback. Richardson.
All three made web-announcements this past weekend about running for president and NONE of them mentioned their First Ladies-in-waiting.

Senator Hill's speech-ette had the best opening line. "I'm in. And I'm in to win."
(vid from
It also had the best slow pans from side to side to make it more interesting visually. But what it didn't have was any mention what so ever of Bill...although the photo behind her (on the table, screen right) was a subtle reminder that Big Willie is always in the background. So even if it turns out she doesn't actually really know how to win the presidency after all - he does dammit.
(Nice red state jacket too, by the way.)

There wasn't even a picture of Mary Brownback in the web video announcement of Kansas republican, Senator Sam Brownback.
He mentioned America's "culture" five times and praised God three times - but he couldn't squeeze in a "Mary" or two?
Unlike the other candidates, he did add a little folksy guitar under a photo shopped pic of him in front of the White House. Should go over well in the reds.

(vid above from
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And New Mexico's democratic governor Bill Richardson made his exploratory committee announcement in English and Spanish without a word in either language about wife Barbara. Nada. He was more than willing to pimp her to win re-election as governor last fall - but I guess now he's gotta prove he can carry the weight by himself.
They all want to project that image. (Obama too.) That is of course until word leaks out about their affairs with the 20 year-olds. Or until they're actually in office and their approval ratings drop to the lowest levels in the history of approval ratings. The stingy bastards want to hog all the glory, until the public can't stand their asses...then it's the First Lady who has to hit the second-term campaign trail to Kalamazoo for f!@#'s sake to convince people to vote for bonehead. Just ask Laura Bush. Oh well. The price of being FLOTUS.

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