Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ebony: Obamas Next First Couple?

Now this is more like it. The beach pic could be spun but in essence was a tad horrifying - so it's good that very soon afterwards the Obamas get an image out there like this. The junior senator from Illinois all suited and tied up and Michelle in Nancy Reagan red.
You can count on Ebony for some glossy pics accompanied by a nice short, non-taxing, no hard questions asked interview. Bonus.

Tip: Next time Michelle, don't let them photograph you gripping Barack from the back a la Pauletta and Denzel - in that let me hang on to my man for dear life pose that the mag is so fond of. (And yes I am that kind of familiar with Ebony Magazine covers. I make special trips a few times a year over to my granmama 'nem's house to read both Ebony and Jet. That way you can go through a stack of them in about 15 minutes. Fun times.)

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