Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Obama Uncovered

Okay. So it's clear from this People Magazine pic that Senator BO doesn't join Michelle in those daily 4:30 am workouts. But good call Michelle in not demanding that he shape up. Yes it's a drag when you get all fine and ish - and he's about two
poo poo platters away from needing a Bro, not to mention those cheechos happening around the middle. And somehow it's even worse to roll over and feel that on a thinnish man (been there). However, the flab says "I'm just too busy, too dedicated, working too hard for the people of the great state of Illinois (and would do the same for all Americans as president) to find the time to stay in shape."
Overall assessment: The squishiness, while a little gross, works. Good move in getting that out there.

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