Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Forget the Speech: Look at Laura

Lame duck George W. went on for a good fifty minutes about the same stuff he usually goes on about during his sixth State of the Union snore-fest. (Although I particularly enjoyed the reference to them Hy-brid Vee-hickuls) What's the only thing that kept the TV audience from dozing off? The all too few shots of Laura who dazzled in a Red-State-Red suit with just enough sparkle around the buttons to give it a little kick.
Take that Edwards.

Too bad the Democratic triumvirate below wasn't close enough to get a good look, because they desperately needed something to shake them out of their slumber.

(Pic snatched from barackoblogga.com)

Eventually, they did wake up, and the camera caught Obama clapping for a man who many in his base consider evil incarnate.

Note to Michelle: Tell Senator BO that yes, he has to look bi-partisan blah blah blah...but when he applauds- he should take a tip from Sen. Clinton and keep his hands low so it's hard to tell. Now Hill can say to those who talk about the need for reaching across the aisle 'see, I clapped for parts of the Bush speech'...and she can tell George-haters 'see, I didn't.' Genius.

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