Friday, February 02, 2007

Italian First Lady Slams Skank Husband

O.K. I guess technically she's Italy's former first lady but that doesn't make this mess any less delicioso.
The papers in Rome are still FILLED with the news of an unprecedented move by Veronica Lario, wife of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. In a letter published on the front page of La Republicca newspaper - she demanded a PUBLIC apology from her husband for shamelessly and slimily flirting with women (and God only knows what else).

The U.S. media couldn't resist either.

From the NYT:

"It turns out that the 70-year-old former prime minister, whose own heart now beats with a pacemaker, attended an awards ceremony last week and was overly friendly with two young and beautiful guests.

“If I weren’t already married, I would marry you right now,” he told one, according to Italian news media accounts. To another, he said, “With you I would go anywhere.”

“These are statements I consider damaging to my dignity,” wrote Veronica Lario, 50, who has been with Mr. Berlusconi for 27 years. His remarks could not be “reduced to jokes,” she said.

“To my husband and to the public man, I therefore ask for a public apology, not having received one privately.”

In divining what this could mean, Italians barely knew where to start."

Whoo, and honey neither do I. More:

"Feminists called it an overdue rallying cry for Italian women like Ms. Lario, who has endured years of supposed infidelity (and no end of sexual remarks, like when Mr. Berlusconi opened a political conference by praising the legs of the women in the front row). Political analysts said Mr. Berlusconi, who wants a third turn as prime minister, could never again win the votes of women — and so was finished. "

But that didn't keep the bastard from trying to do some major spin control so that he can indeed try for another term as PM. Berlusconi wrote his own open letter to apologize to wifey...saying:

“Your dignity should not be an issue: I will guard it like a precious material in my heart even when thoughtless jokes come out of my mouth,” he wrote. “But marriage proposals, no, believe me, I have never made one to anyone.

Forgive me, however, I beg of you, and take this public testimony of private pride that submits to your anger as an act of love. One among many. A huge kiss. Silvio.”

Too little, too late. But for Mrs. B., mission accomplished. She finally stood up, spoke out, and reclaimed her pride for her sake and the sake of her daughters...and she put a major wrench in hubby's political plans to boot. Yipppeeeeeeee.

Note to those trying to be America's Next First Lady... don't try this at home. These are professionals operating on a closed course. Get to the East Wing first. Then if you think a public rebuke is necessary....BOMBS AWAY.

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