Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obamas' Coming Out - Good....

But not great. Barack and Michelle took the show on the road Saturday. Announcing a for real for real run for the White House before the senator headed to Iowa. Obama gave good speech... it's about all of "us" - blahbity blabity. But these things, natch, are not solely about substance...they are orchestrated to capture the public's attention and imagination...and this one fell a little short. Like it or not Michelle you are part of a show, one that has to be exciting enough to make people want to get up off their asses and go vote. Your business: icon building and energizing "the base"...which means vivid royal blue, or orange, or red, or yellow coats. Not your somber black one (although I guess you get points for not breaking out the mink.)
Again, check out the masters below.
Newsday caught the Clintons in the classic pose - in colors that make people want to watch...and if they watch long enough, maybe they'll eventually listen - which is the point.
And look at the wave. (Michelle, you've got a lot of work to do on this one.)
Like European royals, Hill and Bill make the wrists do all the work...but they've added American bigness by throwing their arms high in the air.
Barack has worked out a version of the high-arm/wrist based wave but Michelle, you have some kinda whole body windshield-wiper wave going on that is tres unattractive.

Stop this immediately. Remember, you are a queen, a compassionate one yes, but still a queen who must float regally above all the dirty politics.

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