Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paging Michelle Obama

Come get ya man.

The New York Daily News reports that this went down at one of those down low rich people only fund raisers Barack has been holding sans spouse:

"He spoke for about 20 minutes, never mentioning Hillary Clinton," one guest tells us. "He was very impressive. People formed a circle around him. He shook everybody's hand and asked what they did."

One lady needed no introduction. Feasting his eyes on Beyoncé, the candidate said: "I never do this, but can I ask for your autograph?" The admiration seemed mutual as they posed for a photo. "I want a copy of that picture!" said Obama.

Naturally, he was also cordial to her boyfriend, Jay-Z, who laid his money down despite having had dinner a few nights earlier with Bill Clinton." any playuh-playuh would be. When Senator Bahm-Bahm was in the pulpit in Selma on Sunday he sent a shout out to his lovely wife who was holding down the home front and taking care of the kids. He should have done the same while all hugged-up with Bey...and it's those very same kids that should have been the (very loudly) expressed reason why he was asking for some sexy 20-something singer's autograph (whether the kids wanted it or not).

Presidents have groupies - they are not groupies themselves. Learn it.

Yeah, a lot of people will say it was cute that his tongue was hanging all out. But you know who won't? Black women. They are still trying to decide whether he gets a pass or not anyway- and he will definitely be denied if they even think he has eyes for anyone other than Michelle.

Mrs. O - whether your husband was trying to get his JFK/Marilyn on or just clowning around...make him stop it. It could do more harm than good.

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Anonymous said...

I think the press is just blowing this totally out of proportion. Who's to say that the autograph and photo weren't for his children. But that said, as innocent as a photo and an autograph are, he has to be extra careful.