Thursday, March 01, 2007

Billy C. - Dollars on the Down Low

Potential First Lady Bill Clinton has been keeping a relatively low profile...but don't think he's sleeping on the job. That constant ringing sound you hear? The Clinton cash-register is cha-chinging away.

In The Huffington Post, Blake Fleetwood parses the process:

We came across, and verified, an email Bill Clinton sent to his best supporters last week, urging them to raise a million dollars a week for Hillary's presidential campaign (already raised is $705,280).

With the help of a confidential source in the Clintons' inner circle, we were able to parse many of his sentences to reveal the strategy behind his words and produce a MRI, in effect, of the former president's thinking processes.

Dear _____________,

Am I enthusiastic about my wife's campaign for president? You bet I am.


I've been sitting on my butt for seven years watching Bush bungle everything. And those pathetic wimps - Gore and Kerry - could not beat a dead-man-walking. Now Hillary, with me quietly in the shadows, finally has a chance to show those Republicans what hardball politics is all about.

I know her better than anybody on earth,

And unfortunately, she knows me better than anyone on earth too; and I owe her a big one...Monica (or two -- Gennifer...or three -- Paula) which is why I'm working so hard on her behalf.

and she's got the best combination of mind and heart of everybody I've ever known.

So what if she's way short on empathy and charisma, especially with crowds. Obama is all about charisma, and nothing else. I'll take care of the charisma thing.


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