Friday, March 16, 2007

bill bashes back

Potential Next First Lady Bill Clinton's campaign appearances with his wife the senator may be few and far between - but don't think he isn't pulling those levers behind the curtain. The New York Post reports on how he took on the Times this week while raising another gazillion dollars for Camp Hillary.

"He said his wife wasn't getting a fair shake from the Times," said Curtis Sliwa, the WABC Radio host, who was there as a guest. ("I'm a Rudy guy," Sliwa explained.)

"Clinton said the Times is attacking Hillary because she won't apologize for her vote on the war in Iraq," Sliwa said. "The Times has always been super supportive. It's the equivalent of Rudy Giuliani attacking The New York Post."

Oh and don't let the chummy photo of Barack, Bill and Hill in Selma a couple of weeks ago fool you either. Big Willie is trying to deflect criticism about Hillary's war stance(s) - and force the Times to take on Obama.

"Clinton focused on the fact that three years ago - shortly after Barack Obama burst onto the world stage with his speech at the Democratic National Convention where John Kerry was nominated - Obama was asked how he would have voted on the Iraq war if he'd been in Congress at that time.

"And Obama said, 'I'm not sure,' " Sliwa recalled. "Clinton said the Times has a duty to report on Obama's initial ambivalence."

Michelle? Your turn.

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