Sunday, March 11, 2007

Michelle Takes Manhattan

In New York - 1010 wins shows the Obamas' strategy was in full effect with Mrs. O playing the role of grounded partner to reassure the adoring masses that she will never let Bahm-Bahm believe the hype.

From AP:

"Senator Barack Obama was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd at a fundraiser in New York today.
But the person who had the audience laughing the hardest was his wife, who decided to air some dirty laundry.

Michelle Obama told roaring audience members she sometimes wishes she could live with the same character she sees on T-V. She called that man "Barack Obama the phenomenon."

She said the Barack Obama at her house has trouble putting his socks with the dirty clothes. And he doesn't do a better job than their five-year-old daughter at making his bed.

But the senator's wife tried to depict her husband as more good-guy than politician.

She said he is sincere and authentic -- not manufactured.

The event at Manhattan's Grand Hyatt Hotel was one of the Democrat's first major presidential fundraising forays into New York City."

Good New York hair, make up, and suit by the way - sophisticated without being boring. Bonus.

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