Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Romneys Are Family Values-rific

From desertnews.com/hearst newspapers
Suck it Giulianis.
Suck it hard.
That was the message First Lady wannabe Ann Romney and hubby Mitt delivered over the weekend at a Rebublican conserva-fest in Washington. The leaning more right every day Romney introduced the crowd to his "sweetheart" to whom he
has been married for a bazillion years...right after Rudy, who is
on wife numero tres, rambled on about how he wanted support.

Ann's also took a turn on the mike:

"We have an exciting month this month," she told the crowd. "Some of you might think, 'Well, of course, you're running for president. That's exciting.' There's another reason we're excited — Mitt and I will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary."
Ann Romney introduced the couple's 37-year-old son, Tagg, before confiding to the audience that Romney's public accomplishments pale in her mind against "the accomplishments that I hold most dear in my heart, because for me he has been an extraordinary husband and most importantly, he's been a terrific example to our five sons and now to our 10 grandchildren." (Unlike ho-monger Giuliani)


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