Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who's the Boss?

Ah the age old question.
Mary Sanchez of McClatchy Newspapers says America is not ready for a female president. The proof? She says just look at the backlash heaped upon the Giulianis after Rudy suggested Judi could sit in on Cabinet meetings (that is if she could squeeze them in between "freshenings").
I disagree Ms. Sanchez. I think the reaction is to Dame Judi. Just as I think some of the extreme reactions against Hillary - are because she's HILLARY and all that implies. I think different women in both situations might be received differently.
I do however agree with your assessment on this:

"So, when you cast a presidential vote, know that you're also signing on for the candidate's better half. Look closely at Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, Ann Romney, Elizabeth Edwards, Jill Biden, Mary Brownback, Barbara Richardson and the rest of the wives whose husbands are vying for the White House.

Look closely at our old friend Bill, too. His famous charisma will be necessary to counter the harsh image his other half has duly earned. If President Hillary ever becomes a reality, it will be in no small part because people were actually voting for her spouse."

Yep, this race is all about "America's Next First Lady"

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