Monday, April 16, 2007

More on Michelle Obama's Money

Yep. The financial colonoscopy continues.
From Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times:

"White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle reported $991,296 in income in 2006, boosted by a $506,618 payout in advances and royalties for his books, according to returns released by his campaign on Monday.
The Obamas have four main sources of income:
*Obama’s Senate salary of $157,082.
*Book income of $506,618. Obama’s second book, “The Audacity of Hope,” was released last fall and soared to the best seller lists.
*Michelle Obama’s payment of $273,618 from the University of Chicago Hospitals. She will get paid less in 2007 because she cut back on her job because of the campaign. She made more in 2005 because of a signing bonus from the U of C given when she was promoted to vice president of community and external affairs in January, 2005, just as Obama was sworn in as senator.
Tax returns from last year showed her total compensation in 2005 went from $122,000 to $317,000, though the higher figure includes a one-time pension payout and the bonus.
*Michelle Obama’s payment of $51,200 from TreeHouse Foods, where she has been on the board of directors since June, 2005.
Interest income totaled $4,590 in interest with $1,188 from dividends."

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