Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bill Takes Hill to Regroup

You'd need a vacation too if you had raised a record 26 million dollars in campaign funds in ONE quarter - only to learn a few days later that Michelle and Barack are breathing down your necks with 25 million.
Team Obama is beating the bushes for any and all contributions. And the spin is excellent: that his funds come from more donors, so they are more grass-rooty and therefore cleaner and a better indication of his popularity.
It clearly shook Camp Hillary to its core, and the principals are taking some time in D.R. to try to get it together. As a former president and possibly America's Next First Lady, Bill is probably telling Hill to keep her chin up - and remember he can raise stupid amounts of money in a matter of minutes.
Consider this from

"What would motivate 45 health enthusiasts to dish out $2,300 apiece for 30 minutes on a stationary bicycle at a trendy health club? Two words: Bill Clinton. The former president showed up late last month at Soul Cycle, a new fitness center in New York City's upper west side, to raise cash for his wife's financially fit presidential campaign.

Strolling through rows of bicycles in a suit and tie, Clinton shook hands and shared personal anecdotes about Hillary Clinton, while raking in an easy hundred grand. The small crowd, mostly women, usually pays $25 for a spin class, but said Clinton's appearance was worth the extra dough. "People love him," one woman told ABC News. "People love him more than Hillary."

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