Monday, April 02, 2007

The Ladies Finally Get a Little Love

From the New York Daily News:

"Marriage has become a major subtext of the 2008 campaign.

The revelation of a third husband by Judith Giuliani was a first for a presidential campaign, but even before the Giuliani surprise the candidates' spouses were attracting attention.

For one thing, there's a famous former President auditioning to go back to the White House as First Gentleman.

Indeed, all three of the top Democrats have charismatic lawyer spouses at least as popular as they are. It's generally not hard to find people at a Clinton, Obama or Edwards event who wish Bill, Michelle or Elizabeth were on the ticket.

On the GOP side, marriage is a touchier issue."


And from CBS

"The extraordinary travel and time demands on presidential candidates make it impossible for spouses to stay on the sidelines.

"The increasing length of time that these national campaigns are running under now, and the concentration of these early primary states for nomination, the spouses are just critical to the campaign," said Sarah Brewer of American University's Women & Politics Institute.

Michelle Obama – at first apprehensive – is winning over audiences. Anne Romney kept a low profile when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, but not anymore, despite her Multiple Sclerosis. And Cindy McCain is along for a ride on Senator John McCain's Straight Talk Express much earlier than she was in 2000.

"Now, there she is sitting next to him – grinning from ear to ear, hair perfect, looking adoring," Mehren said."

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